Friday Favorites

Hello and welcome to Friday, ladies! We’ve got another great set of blogs to recommend for you today, so we’ll get right to it. But first…

The Funny Video of the Week
By now you’ve probably heard of Schmoyoho and their Auto Tune the News series. This one isn’t the news, but it’s fitting for Valentine’s Day. It’s an auto-tune of some girl’s fake E-Harmony introduction video, and it’s just plain hilarious.

YouTube Preview Image

Around the Blogosphere

  • “Taking a Chaperone on a Date” – Jon Acuff (the Stuff Christians Like guy) has some funny but serious questions about a rule some Christian colleges have instituted that you must take a chaperone with you on dates.
  • 6 Different Ways People React to Valentine’s Day – Read it and tell us: which one are you? Are there any other reaction categories Sharideth should have included?
  • “Intentionality” – Ginger Ciminello talks about how to love your family. The one you were born into, not the one you married (or plan to or hope to marry) into.
  • “Mean Girls at Work” – This article from the Washington Post argues that we women are often each other’s worst enemies at work and explains how that affects all women in the work place.
  • “A new way to give from the heart” – If you’re looking to do some good in the world with your Valentine’s Day gift, check out this cute shirt and necklace from World Vision.

Up Next
Since next week is Valentine’s week, our theme will be “love” again, and we’ll feature our guest blogger, Stacy Repult, again.
Monday: Stacy gets honest about every single girl’s struggle: wanting “to just be loved by a man.”
Tuesday: It’s a Valentine’s Day special! Stacy talks about being single… without the “gift of singleness.”
Wednesday: We talk to Stacy about which of those six ways she reacts to Valentine’s Day and how her perspective on the holiday has changed over the years.

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