Lopez in the finals, how to disagree respectfully and an amazing mini break dancer

Happy Friday, everyone. Here’s your weekly serving of 4word’s “best of the web.”

Take Notice

  • CELEBRATE: The Center for Faith and Work at Letourneau and TheHighCalling.org is hosting a country-wide event to celebrate the integration of faith and work on Labor Day Sunday. Visit the Facebook event to learn more.
  • READ: Diane was recently featured on The High Calling, writing about how to rediscover the purpose of your work.
  • CHECK IT OUT: You’ve seen the awesomely redesigned loveandrespectnow.com, right? We’re proud to announce that 4word is now listed on their resources page!
  • WATCH: We’re excited to announce that Lopez Lomong ran well on Wednesday, and he will be running in the finals for the mens’ 5000m this Saturday!

Video of the Week
YouTube Preview Image
It’s a touching story and an amazing dance feat. This little boy is only about 12 years old, but watch how well he can break dance!

Our Top Three

A Pinterest Find

How to pack a carry-on “like a boss”

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