Trace the Rainbow, The Golden Years, Love Yourself, Stop Bullying and Laughing Goats

Welcome to March Madness (a little pun for the college basketball junkies)! Before the month takes off running, enjoy our weekly selections from around the web.

Take Notice


Video of the Week
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If you haven’t seen the “laughing goats” meme before, you may find this video a bit odd, but we assure you a good laugh is in store.


Top Three

  • “A New Vision for Retirement: Productive and Meaningful” —Harvard Business Review shares that ‘by 2015 we’ll have more Americans over 60 than under 15’. So how do we make the most of the “golden years?” Read on to find out.
  • “14 Simple Ways to Love Yourself” —Hope Magazine lists some simple tips on how to take care of ourselves in the busyness of juggling work and caring for our families. We’re a bit biased, of course, but we love that ‘Work, Love, Pray’ is mentioned in the article.
  • “On the Days You Can Only Trace The Rainbow” —Incourage blogger Bonnie Gray opens up and reminds us that the rainbow is simply an external reminder of what God has already placed inside of us- His promise to never leave us even in the midst of storms.


A Pinterest Find


What’s better than pineapple upside down cake? MINI pineapple upside down cakes!

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One Response to Trace the Rainbow, The Golden Years, Love Yourself, Stop Bullying and Laughing Goats

  1. Lena says:

    You have GOT to put a warning sign on the things that will make us cry :) ( post). Thank you for such a thought-provoking collection today.

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