Work Motivations, the Suffering Single, the Christian Club, and Dove’s Real Beauty

Whew! It’s Friday. As you head into the weekend, take a minute to browse our favorite links from all around the web. We hope we can put a smile on your face at the end of a difficult week.


Take Notice

  • START: You know those voices in your head? The ones that tell you you’ll fail or that none of your friends really care about you? Jon Acuff has some suggestions for just what to do with your voices.
  • LISTEN: Diane Paddison on Premier Christian Radio answers the question: “Chief Executive and mother – how does she do it?” 
  • WATCH: This touching interview at the Portland Good Friday Breakfast with Olympic runner Lopez Lomong and our founder Diane Paddison. 
  • PRAY: For the families affected by the disasters in Boston and West, TX this week.


Video of the Week
YouTube Preview Image
The Dove Real Beauty Sketches campaign encourages women to reassess how they see themselves.


Top Three

  • “What motivates us at work?” —7 fascinating studies that give insights. The TED blog discovered some noticeable insights that make us all work harder and better.
  • “Jesus and the Suffering Single” —SingleRoots guest blogger Justin Campbell opens up about some of the losses and suffering that singleness causes.
  • “Quitting The Christianity Club” —Stephanie May via Prodigal Magazine shares what she did to  deal with her own personal feelings of lost faith and anger. We could all learn something from this honest perspective.


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A Pinterest Find


TONS of ideas for the man in your life. Perfect for birthday, anniversaries, holidays, or just because!

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