LinkedIn Secrets, Competitive Advantage, We Can’t All Be Beautiful

Happy February, 4word women! Check out this week’s favorites as you head into your weekend!

Take Notice


Video of the Week
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Coca Cola’s “America Is Beautiful” ad was probably our favorite Superbowl commercial, and a beautiful reminder of what makes America great.

Top Three

  • 8 Simple Tips From A $50M Female EntrepreneurEric T. Wagner with Forbes talks with Kelsey Ramsden, Canada’s Top Female Entrepreneur, who offers eight simple tips to be a successful entrepreneur.

  • We Can’t All Be BeautifulKaren Swallow Prior blatantly writes on Christianity Today’s Her.Meneutics blog about the recent unrealistic strides that have been taken to quell society’s skewed view of beauty, and how these strides are probably hurting more than helping.

  • He KnowsKaty with B’Ahava reminds us that no matter the time or the day, God knows everything about us and what we need at any given moment of our lives.

A Pinterest Find


Planning a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner at home for you and your special someone? Here is a start-to-finish menu to inspire your night.

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