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Charlotte Jones Anderson from 4word women shares lessons
Charlotte Jones Anderson board member of, shares her insight on working with the Salvation Army, self assertiveness and the Dallas Cowboys. 

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Diane Leads CREW Distinguished Leaders Roundtable
In October, CREW Network presented its first-ever CREW Roundtable for Women, which was designed to bring together distinguished leaders from around the industry to share their perspectives on the obstacles they've faced, as well as how women can be better positioned to succeed in the future.

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Tribute Honoring Bob Buford

Diane was honored to give a tribute to Bob and Linda Buford last night. In Diane's words: "I was blessed to be asked amongst four individuals to speak at a private event last night honoring Bob and Linda Buford. Bob has been my mentor in getting 4word started." 

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4word Women Leaders are Featured on Life Lessons
Maria Schell and Katie Reiff share about 4word and Life Lessons during a special segment on Blog Talk Radio. 

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TCW Talks to Diane Paddison

Diane Paddison's professional career has taught her that many women struggle to make family, career, and faith fit on the same plate. So she's doing something to help. The founder of 4word and author of Work, Love, Pray. Paddison seeks to connect, lead, and support professional Christian women. TCW talked with her about how women can achieve their God-given potential at work and at home.

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Mentoring Lopez: Working Women with Diane Paddison
"God gives each of us unique strangths and resources, and we are called to use those resources to serve Him. As i've gained experience in faith, relationships and business, one of the best ways I feel I can use my God-given gifts is to offer mentorship and guidance to others who might be younger or less experienced." Find the full article on page 72.

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Issues that Professional Women Face
Kerby Anderson spoke with Diane Paddison on "Point of View" about several issues that professional women face, including Mommy guilt, professional mentoring and new opportunities for women in the workplace today. Diane also mentions Elizabeth Knox's book Faith Powered Profession

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Advice for Working Moms
The author of "Work, Love, Pray," who is also a mom, Harvard MBA holder. executive and mentor for working women through a nonprofit called 4word, shares advice for other working moms. 

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Female Fortune 500 exec Offers Keys to Success for Working Women
SpiritLed Woman's editor Leilani Haywood had a chance to talk with Diane about the mentoring program she started for professional Christian women, 4word, based in Dallas, Texas.

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A Special Q&A: Diane Paddison Talks "Work, Love, Pray"
You could say that Diane Paddison’s path to 
professional success began at 5.  As a child 
on her family’s farm in Oregon, she meticu-
lously made boxes to store fruit, operated the 
cash register at the roadside fruit stand and 
managed the peach picking crews.  She would 
later go on to college, become a wife and 
mother, earn an MBA from Harvard and serve 
in Chief Operating Officer roles in two Fortune 
500 Commercial Real Estate companies. 

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Diane Paddison Interview Part 1 & 2

Listen to Part 1 of Diane's Interview here

Listen to Part 2 of Diane's Interview here

For more information about "The Bottom Line" Check out their Facebook Page

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IREM Newsletter :: February Luncheon
Diane Paddison spoke at IREM in February about balance in work and life and "Work, Love, Pray"

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Former 4word Board Member Bonnie Wurzbacher is the New Chief Resource Development Officer at World Vision International

World Vision International is pleased to announce the appointment of Bonnie Wurzbacher as Chief Resource Development Officer.

Bonnie, who takes up her new position on 1st July 2013, will be based at the WVI Executive Office near London, UK.

She will oversee a newly-established Resource Development Group which will bring greater global leadership and cohesion to resource development in the World Vision partnership. She will be responsible for driving growth and engagement across all World Vision’s resource-raising offices, and will represent the International President on the Boards of the three largest offices.

Bonnie served in senior roles of increasing responsibility during her 28 year career with The Coca-Cola Company.  In her most recent position (2004-2012), she was Senior Vice President, Global Customer and Channel Leadership, working in markets around the world as part of the Global Marketing team.

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Christian Women in the Workplace

SRN News Radio featured a five part series with Diane Paddison on “Christian Women in the Workplace.”

Celebrating Moms Who Work, Love, Pray

Charlotte Jones Anderson is a wife, mom, high-profile business executive, and a friend who inspires 4word founder Diane Paddison. Her own children honor their mom in this moving tribute video.

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When Leaning In Isn't Enough
Marissa Mayer does it. Condeleezza Rice admits to it; so does Meg Whitman. And while I suspect Sheryl Sandberg indulges, in Lean In, her bestselling new non-fiction grenade on girl-power in high corporate places, the topic never comes up.

The topic is prayer - God's finger on the scales of life balance - and while I understand why Sandberg might leave it in the closet for this book ...

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press releases

Men Have It. Women Need It. 4word Launches Women-Only Mentor Program
DALLAS – May 28, 2013 – On 60 Minutes, Sheryl Sandberg credits her rise to it. Goldman Sachs’ “85 Broads” just put it back in the news. Now on June 17, Diane Paddison’s 4word inaugurates the first wave of Christian women doing it in corporate America: mentoring.

And 4word is accepting applications for its inaugural Mentor Match Program through June 7.

“No one rises high without mentors and sponsors,” says Diane Paddison, a chief strategy officer, Harvard MBA and founder of—an organization creating community among professional women focused on work, relationships and faith.  “Yet nearly half of Gen Y women have never been mentored, and two-thirds of women my age say they’ve never been asked.”

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Southern Spirit article features 4word's Diane Paddison
Does Superwoman exist – and should she? Strong women have held seats on the Salvation Army National Advisory Board (NAB) for decades. The international leader of the Salvation Army is General Linda Bond. Charlotte Jones-Anderson, Dallas Cowboys EVP and NFL Charities President, became the Chair of the Salvation Army National Advisory Board in 2013. Laura Bush and 4word's founder Diane Paddison are NAB members. Salvation Army's Southern Spirit magazine interviewed Diane Paddison about what professional women need to know. Download the article or visit for the full article.

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Olympian Lopez Lomong, Mentor Diane Paddison at Portland Prayer Breakfast
At Portland's March 29, 2013 Good Friday Breakfast, Oregon native Diane Paddison - a top U.S. corporate executive and leading voice for women in leadership -  torn South Sudan, now a U.S. citizen and world-class runner.

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Sandberg's 'Lean In' Overlooks One Big Factor
What Sheryl Sandberg's Missing ... and the Flip Side: Why American Churches Are Losing Women

The women-in-the-workforce debate around Sheryl Sandberg’s bestselling Lean In skips the big faith factor of many high-level execs, says Diane Paddison, Harvard MBA, CSO, author of Work, Love, Pray.  U.S. churches, meanwhile, are missing the women-in-business factor in the pews.  And churches are losing women.

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Sandberg says, 'Lean In.' Paddison adds, 'And kneel down.'
Facebook CEO Sheryl Sandberg’s new book, Lean In – Work, Women and the Will to Lead, examines why women aren't in top corporate leadership positions in proportion to their numbers in the workforce and among college graduates. The book has spurred many questions for Diane Paddison, author of Work, Love, Pray - a practical treatise for Christian women who feel called both to strong personal lives and a robust career.

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